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Who We Are

We are a ‘tribe’ of working professionals who live and work outside of our homeown culture.  We believe in the value of worKship – the integration of our faith and work. We strive to glorify God by living out holistic principles that bless and build up the local community where there is no Light present. 

What We Do

OPEN is a network.  It provides an avenue for our ‘tribe’ to connect, network, encourage, and share experiences, knowledge and resources.  Our soft structure allows members to form groups of similar interests, andor of different lines of businesses to interact  toand learn from one another. We practice the one anothers striving to enhance our effectiveness fulfilling our life purpose.  Active members have access to investors and professional coaches in a variety of disciplines.  We connect members to interns and apprentices who aspire to our vision and passion. Members may participate  in regional events and international gatherings to network, to learn, to share and to build each other up. 

What We Value

- Relationships before rules, love before laws, connection of people to ideas and people to people. 
- Accountability in upholding our values and individual growth in all areas of life and work. 
- Transparency in how we live our lives and do our work.
- Excellence in all we do; family, work, play - everything.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Access to the OPEN online community through our member portal.
  • Members have access to a list of OPEN Services including:
    • Mentors – who proactively come alongside a person/couple to provide encouragement and accountability in every area of our lives and work.
    • Coaches for our business needs – all our coaches have successful careers and are experienced in their field.  They are focused and have received training in understanding our needs.  
    • Business funding – investment and loans are available.
    • Interns - who will help with various workplace tasks, and who you may invest in for long term assignment.
    • Home constituency liaison – assistance in helping your home constituencies to understand your life and work providing the spiritual, emotional, social and physical encouragement and support you need.
    • Service providers – a list of professionals and services you may choose from for your emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of living overseas, including education resources, insurance needs, marriage issues, crisis management etc. 
    • Participation in OPEN events:
      • OPEN Huddles (in odd years) – regional gatherings for business expatriates to network, be encouraged and refreshed, and learn tools that will help you to grow in your effectiveness of His assignment in your life and work.  Coaches and mentors are available to meet with you one on one.  
      • OPEN Connect (in even years) – A combined family gathering of all business expatriates.  Coaches, mentors and investors also participate. It is a time of celebration, encouragement, and refreshment.  There are praise & worship, networking times, workshops for your needs, plus a “Shark Tank” like event for raising start-up capital.  There will be a full children and youth program plus childcare for infants.


Who Can Join?

OPEN Network is a private network.  All membership requests require the endorsement of an active member.

Cost of membership

Current annual membership fee is US$90.  An additional spouse account is $1.

How to apply for membership?

To request membership, please fill out the Membership Request Form